Building Website Traffic

Building Website Traffic

Have Quality Content.

First and foremost identify your target audience and give them interesting quality content refreshed on a regular basis, preferably daily. Offer a blend of punchy, short and sweet articles with longer reads, news with best practice articles. If you blog, which you should, blog at least once a week and encourage comments. If you build this, don’t worry, they’ll come.

Make Navigation Easy.

People forget that humans, not Google crawlers, use their sites. Keep the layout as simple as possible, the navigation as intuitive as possible — and loading as fast as possible. Site speed is a major factor in repeat visits.

Offer Genuine Value.

Create original and compelling content that makes people read, share and comment. Use exclusive specials, contests, promotions and timed discounts to create powerful drivers of website traffic. Tie them in with what you’re doing on Facebook, Twitter and other social marketing tools, but “make sure that the only place such bargains can be found is on your homepage, and be consistent in terms of the pages to which you drive this traffic.”

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Now, how to get the word out about the site you’ve built?

Mention It.

Be active elsewhere online, using using your URL in e-mail signatures. Give people a reason to visit your website. Use your printed promotional material to mention what people will get when they visit your site, such as a newsletter or a list of ‘Top 10 Tips’ or some type of content that will pique their interest.”

Participate in Discussion and Chat Groups.

Find the places your target audience is discussing and chatting on major industry sites and blogs and elsewhere, and join in the discussions. Don’t sell — “Come over to SiteXYZ for some great resources on this” — just be knowledgeable and helpful. People will ask you about yourself and that’s when to let drop “Well, I have SiteXYZ…”

Social Media.

If you’re in business in 2014 you know how to use Facebook, Twitter and a couple other major social media sites – Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Be proactive here, writing zingy teasers for all the great content on your site.

Drive quality hits to your site and keep them coming back, here’s how to build website traffic and get people to seek you out and come back again and again.