Be innovative, be interesting, or be extinct.

Be innovative, be interesting, or be extinct.

Creative business marketing

Be innovative, be interesting, or be extinct – why utilising your organisation’s creativity will keep it alive in today’s market.

The consumer is a fickle mistress, so you have to be one step ahead of the pack to catch the public eye and hold its attention. If your organisation doesn’t evolve with the client market in a way that’s more intriguing than your competitors then you may be at risk of being ignored by the consumer.

Firstly: is your organisation stagnant?

There are a few things that have stood the test of time as markers of a stagnant business:

Doing things the way things have always been done without question.
Being risk avoidant.
Being reliant on an existing client-base without seeking to expand.
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality towards R&D, marketing and customer service.
Not engaging in market research.

If your organisation is suffering any of these, then it’s time to shake things up, or face being overtaken by your competitors. Change may be daunting; however as Sir Richard Branson demonstrates with the sale of Virgin Music and the creation of Virgin Air, throwing apprehension to the wind and embracing change can be exactly what you need.

Innovation – Not just a 90s buzzword

Innovation – the changing or creation of more effective processes, products, existing services can be the catalyst to give your organisation a shot in the arm. If you find, after conducting a market environment analysis, you find your clients want to engage with you differently, you should definitely be open to those ideas. Sound consumer ideas and your innovation putting those ideas into action will be the key to gaining the competitive advantage for your organisation.

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Find your Point of Interest and exploit it.

The Point of Interest is something that your organisation has that no other organisation in your field has. It’s vital to emphasise your point of interest when garnering the public’s attention because it’s the thing that will make you stand out in your field.
For example, if your organisation builds fitness apps for mobile devices that give the user a picture of a kitten or a puppy once they’ve run a certain distance or their heart rate goes over a certain BPM, the reward of the kitten/puppy picture would be a point of interest to be used to snare the potential client. When the enormously popular Zombies, Run! hit the market it was thought to be more of a game than a true fitness app, but it stands out starkly against the rest of the fitness apps that, while having the same level of interactivity, are all fairly homogeneous.

Innovate to standing out from the crowd.
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There are a great many boxes to think outside of – remember, if you’re thinking inside a box, then there’s every chance that it’s the same box that your competitors are trying to bust out of as well. If they beat you to the punch, they will also beat you to the consumers. Admittedly there can be a certain amount of trepidation when considering creative alternatives, but when faced with this apprehension, there are three questions to consider:

1) What is the worst case scenario? Would the potential loss of clientele and market positioning be something that your organisation can recover from?

2) Will moving past this apprehension build a stronger organisation? In order for a business to survive, it must change with the times, and while the business model that your organisation is has used in the past may be perfect for the current market, taking the long run into consideration is something that must be done to ensure ongoing success.

3) What is the best case scenario? The ideas might be slightly off the wall, but what are the expected benefits to your organisation? Will productivity increase? Will stakeholder engagement improve?

Last word on creative business marketing

With an ever-growing, highly competitive global marketplace, a dull, stagnant organisation will be left in the dust of its competitors. It is important to find out what your point of interest is, you’re your potential clients are looking for, and strengthen your organisation’s business model accordingly without apprehension or hesitation to succeed.