The importance of customer satisfaction

The importance of customer satisfaction

The Key to Exceeding Customer’s Expectations.

One of the best sales tools is through customer service. How satisfied your customers are is important and can either make or break you. Each customer you lose is hurting you hundreds of dollars. The solution to retaining customers isn’t to just meet their expectations, but exceed them with exceptional customer service. Anyone can do the minimum. Do more than what customers expect, and your services will come off as superior.

To guarantee customer satisfaction is being surpassed, follow these three rules.

Understand Who Your Customers Are.

No two customers are alike. To secure more loyalty and sales, you must define and become in tune with who they are. Pinpoint what they want and need and put them into action, which can be tricky. What you can do; however, is to ask them questions that are beyond products. A better superior customer insight helps you deliver a relevant experience that drives loyal customers.

Keeping happy customers in your business.
The importance of customer satisfaction.

Manage Customer’s Expectations.

The best way for you to exceed their expectations is by managing them yourself. It starts with the first visit and you only get one shot to blow them away. Instead of letting them set the expectations, you set them. What you want to do is under promise, over deliver. After learning customer insight, set a realistic expectation that a customer will accept and exceed it.

Let’s say you are a restaurant owner. A first-time customer ends up stopping by, but they see there is a short queue to be seated. In this case you tell them a time (set the expectation) that they will accept, and when it ends up being much shorter, you have not only impressed them, but you will have gone above and beyond their expectations.

Deliver Consistent Service.

Once you have established your customers’ expectations on their first visit, you must continue delivering consistent service. Their expectations are always rising and you must maintain that level in order to have happy customers. How can you achieve it?

  • Communicate relevant information. Keep the customers’ expectations in mind to be able to pitch target offers.
  • Give a personalised experience. Doing the little things that set you apart from competitors. Address them by their name when communicating with one another. It doesn’t make them feel like they are just a sale to you. Being personal makes them feel important and shows that you care about them.
  • Always be available. Customers expect to easily find you and connect with you over any social media channel on any device they please.
  • Keep your promises. Customers appreciate those companies that do a good job and go out of their way to amaze their customers.
Exceeding expectations for service and customer satisfaction.
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Learning the keys to great customer satisfaction will set your business apart, exceeding your customers’ expectations and generating repeat business.