Creating engaging landing pages

Creating engaging landing pages

How You Can Build an Engaging Landing Page

Making an engaging landing page can create dynamic results for your website. Many people might think a landing page is simply their home page. However, this is actually not the case.

A landing page is what a prospect clicks on through either an advertisement or on a search engine results page. The purpose of a landing page is to receive traffic by initiating a call to action to the viewer.

Master these 5 tips to help you create an engaging landing page today.

Have a Single and Obvious Call to Action

This is the main difference between a home page and a landing page. The homepage speaks to the overall brand of your company. It’s designed to encourage exploration.

While a landing page only has one call to action. You should remove all navigation and links because this will give the user the opportunity to choose from many links. You want them to take only one action.

A call to action should inspire people to make an immediate response. It might be something along the lines of: “Share this page” or “Subscribe now”.

If a prospect clicks on the call to action button on a landing page, it is essentially giving you the permission to keep talking and marketing to them. It’s the start of a relationship that will hopefully turn them into a life-long customer.

A way to get people to take that action is to offer something in exchange for their personal information. But at the same time, you shouldn’t ask too much information either because they may be hesitant to give away too much.

Your call to action should also be obvious to identify. What is the purpose of your landing page? What are you selling? What do you want users to do here?

They need to understand the purpose quickly, so they won’t leave your page.

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Message and Design Match

When a user clicks the advertisement or link in a search engine, it should match the content of your landing page. For example, someone does a search about discounts on MacBook Pros. In the results, a user finds an advertisement or link that reads,

MacBook Pro Cheap: Buy DISCOUNT MacBook Pro!

The user is intrigued and clicks. They are likely expecting a simple landing page with a list of MacBook pros and discount prices. Instead, they were directed to a site that’s actually selling Windows PCs and Tablets.

See how the advertisement and content don’t match? This is an example of being deceptive with users in the search results page. By doing this, you’re forcing the users to leave your site.

Also consider design match. If you’re selling trips to a beach resort, don’t include a photo of a snowy mountain in your advertisement.

Advertisements and content should be cohesive with one another. By ensuring message and design match, this tells users they have made the right click.

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Keep It Simple, Stupid

If you have ever used Google Analytics (and you should be), you will see that users often spend less than a minute on each page. You’re dealing with a very impatient group of people. Keep things simple by making your landing pages scannable.

How to keep things simple:

  • Write short paragraphs
  • Make lists
  • Use headlines and sub-headlines

You want to make your landing page easy to navigate. It should not be overly crowded with hundreds of links and images because this will only confuse the user. They won’t know what to click. Remember: there should only be one action for the user to take.

Write Effective Copy

Along with writing simple content, it should be effective, relevant, and compelling. Be direct with your audience. What’s in it for them? Why should they do it? What does it do for them? What are they going to get out of it? Answer those questions for them in your copy.

If you write powerful content, it’s going to influence, persuade, and give them an urgency to take that one action you want them to do.

When writing your content, things to include:

  • Define what the problem is
  • Tell them the features and benefits of your product
  • Have social proof (If others are using and talking about your product, it reinforces that they should, too.)

Have a Powerful Headline

If you don’t write a great headline, it may give users the impression the rest of the content won’t be that compelling either. But if you write a catchy headline, this will grab their attention quickly within those three seconds that you have. It will also emphasize that they’re in the right place.

Ways to write a powerful headline:

  • Make sure to communicate your main idea
  • Keep it short
  • Ask a question
  • Make it interesting, but don’t deceive
  • Speak directly to your audience


An engaging landing page could be the one thing that draws customers to your website. By following these five tips, you’re on your way to increase the size of your customer base.

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