Online selling with the Facebook buy button

Online selling with the Facebook buy button

Facebook Introduces the Buy Button.

Facebook is in the works of making it even easier for customer to shop online. The social networking site has started testing a Buy Button, which will let users instantly pay for a product from other merchants without ever leaving the site. Many business owners might be wondering if this new program will work to their advantage. There are both pros and cons to the new Facebook feature.

The Cons – Facebook buy button.

When using Faceboo people are not usually in the mindset to buy something. It’s a place where they go to be social with their friends. If users want to purchase something online then they would go to some other online retailer, like Amazon and not Facebook. With this Buy Button, Facebook hopes that by throwing an advertisement in front of someone on their newsfeed, that it will change their mindset.

The other con is that it possibly invites cyber criminals. Consumers might not be comfortable sharing credit card information over their newsfeed. But Facebook has assured in a recent statement that they have created the Buy Button with privacy in mind. Credit card information will not be shared, and there is an option whether users want to save their payment information or not.

Facebook buy button.

The Pros – Facebook buy button.

There are some truly great benefits for eCommerce sites that plan to use the feature for advertising. The Buy Button promotes impulse buys and improves targeting accuracy.

Brick-and-mortar stores often had more opportunities to encourage customers with impulse buys. With the Buy Button on Facebook, eCommerce businesses will now also have the chance to influence impulse buys. Offering the Buy Button on an advertisement makes it so easy for users to purchase something. It’s limiting the steps a person has to take to buy something, and increasing the likelihood of purchasing it. Some users may even opt in for credit card information to be saved, lessening the steps even more.

Pricier items, such as houses and cars, probably won’t be purchased through the Facebook Buy Button. However if your business sells smaller products, like beauty and household items, these will be very popular among the impulse buyers.

The Buy Button is also creates a customised advertisement depending on the person, which will increase the chance of them buying.

For example, a shoe company may have newly-engaged women who love purple as its target audience, and wants to promote purple wedding shoes to this demographic. An eCommerce site can post an advertisement of the shoes with the Buy Button to hopefully get the brides-to-be in right mindset to purchase these purple shoes.

Although it is still in the testing phase only being offered to small and medium sized-businesses in the US, it’s a step in the right direction to becoming an important player in the eCommerce world. If you’re a business that isn’t already advertising on Facebook, the Buy Button is proof that you do. It’s going to create impulse buys and target the right audience increasing business sales.

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Last words on the Facebook buy button.

The Facebook Buy Button is making it even easier for users to purchase products without ever leaving the social networking site. The Buy Button on advertisements could be a game changer. If you want to sell online this could be a game changer.