Facebook Mojo for Social Media Marketing

Facebook Mojo for Social Media Marketing

Likes, Comments and Shares: How to Earn Facebook Mojo.

Facebook has more than 1.28 billion active users. The little blue box with the white F is everywhere, and everybody’s on Facebook. There’s no doubt that the world’s most popular social network should be an important part of your social media marketing strategy. But how can you get the most out of your Facebook presence? What will resonate with customers, grow your audience and increase your revenue, and what will turn people away?

Let’s find your Facebook Mojo.

How Does Facebook Work?

Let’s start with how Facebook functions. Chances are, you already use a personal Facebook to connect with your friends, family, and workmates. You probably already have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t: what gets shared and what doesn’t, what kind of content endears you to a page or business and what doesn’t.

What actually makes it onto your feed may be as little as a quarter of the actual content posted. Facebook filters your news feed using an algorithm that uses who you interact with and how, how many times a post has been reported or hidden, and how many likes, shares, and comments the post has received.

What Are The Differences Between Likes, Comments and Shares?

Shares, Likes, and Comments all have different values – a Like is an easy acknowledgment that requires minimal effort. A Comment requires engagement with a post and starts a conversation and has far more weight. Getting people talking about your brand is important – Shares do this too, but they do so in the most direct way. When a user shares a post, they want it to appear in their feed – they want other people to see it. Facebook’s algorithm gives each method of interacting with a post a different weight in its considerations. Statistics indicate that photos get the most likes and more shares, while text posts receive more comments.

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Be Interesting.

The most important aspect of a successful Facebook campaign that puts your posts in feeds is interesting, high quality content that people will want to share. Give them something to talk about –end with questions, ask for opinions, and start those comment threads. Nurture conversation. Attractive graphical content will get more likes, but also more shares, and introduce more people to your brand. You may be tempted to re-post some of your best content, but users quickly get fed up with seeing the same thing over and over, so keep it fresh.

Being interesting is the most important part of a good social media campaign – it’s possible to optimize your content in very technical ways to get the most out of Facebook’s algorithms, but these methods fall flat if you’re not giving people something they want to interact with. As of a few months ago, Facebook’s algorithms have started penalizing content which actively and unsubtly prompts users to like, share or comment – don’t fall into that trap. If your content is interesting enough, it will generate conversation without having to ask users explicitly.

Be Personal.

Facebook is one of the most social of the social networks and users are more likely to engage with personal and personalized content. If you respond to your users and engage with them in your comment threads, you’ll improve their impression of you and reinforce that you’re interested in them and what they have to say.

Proofread, Fact Check, Moderate.

The quality of your content should always be as high as possible, and often the simplest thing will let a post down. Keeping it personal may tempt you to use your business page in the same way as you use your private account. Your friends won’t mind a confused your and you’re here and there or a shared story Snopes busted years ago, but you should always maintain the highest standard of quality on business posts.

Find your Facebook Mojo. Use this social media to its full potential. Learn how to get more likes, comments and shares and raise your profile.