The Importance of Creating a Great First Impression for your Website

The Importance of Creating a Great First Impression for your Website

Making a great first impression matters. Just as we make judgments when first meeting someone, we evaluate websites the same way. As soon as a visitor lands on your company website you have three seconds. If nothing grabs their attention to ensure they’re in the right place, they will leave. The average bounce rate is between 30 to 60 percent. That means half of the visitors take one look at a website, and leave without navigating to any other pages. Needless to say, you better make a powerful first impression.

If you’re looking to lower your bounce rate while turning visitors into customers, ask yourself if your website have the following four things: clear navigation, consistency, accessibility, and scannability.

Creating a Great First Impression for your Website

Clear Navigation

The design of your website should start with the layout in mind. An easy to use navigation bar encourages visitors to explore more of what your website offers. Internet users don’t want to wait. If they don’t see what they are looking for within five seconds, they will leave. Keep things easy to find by providing an accessible navigation bar at the top that has great organisation.


Another thing visitors tend to notice is a website’s consistency. All your elements should be cohesive on every page, including the logo, colour scheme, layout, and navigation bar. If you fail to do so, it confuses visitors. This results in a low view rate. Rather, make it look and feel integrated throughout to encourage users to stay longer.

Mobile Accessibility

Imagine putting a bunch of effort into developing and creating a fantastic website with great content, only to realise certain viewers can’t view it. In particular: mobile users. A large number of visitors come from mobile devices. Be sure that your website’s design is responsive for all devices. Focus your attention on these users because they should have the same experience as desktop users.


Web users read a bit differently on the Internet than they would with a book or a magazine. In fact, think of your own web-browsing behaviour. You’re more likely to scan than read, right? The first time a user visits your website, they will scan the site from the top left to the bottom right. If nothing pops out to them, they’ll exit. Instead of having a chunk of text, break it up with smaller paragraphs, make use of white space, or even post a video.

Creating a Great First Impression for your Website

Turn your dull company website into one that impresses visitors. Lower your bounce rate by making your website unforgettable with a simple, cohesive design that is easy to navigate on all types of devices. Keeping these four things in mind, you will turn visitors into customers, inevitably increasing your sales.