Getting the best from Google plus

Getting the best from Google plus

Google Plus

With Google Plus being attached to the many arms of the Google Universe and has a direct link to Google ranking and SEO, it would be a bad idea not to make the most of it for your website marketing ventures.

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Company Overview

Update your About section with a quick overview of your organisation. Include keywords and relevant links on your page to your website. You can also create a prioritised list of suggested circles on your G+ profile, which will help visitors easily determine your business focus.


Post often and always optimise for the best search results. Google pulls more data from its own products, so using Google Plus gives your posts an edge over any other platform. If your business has a blog (and it should), share the blog link on G+ whenever there’s a new post. Post content (status updates, links, photos etc.) often and make sure it’s optimised with keywords. Whenever possible include pictures or videos with your status. This will provide value and make users engage with you more often.


There are two ways to find relevant Google Plus users to connect with:

1) Google Plus’ Rich Search function. Search for mentions of your organisation and related keywords. Save your searches so they will appear in the side bar for quick reference.
2) Use Chris Porter’s Google Plus Shared Circle Database to find

Circles based on industry.

Engagement with your chosen audience is key to maintaining a good relationship with them. Once you’ve started building your audience, ask them questions and encourage them to share content. If they follow you, follow them back for the added personal touch.

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Make a direct connection between your business website and your G+ page. Attaching the Google Plus Badge to your website will allow readers follow you on Google + without leaving your website. When you add the Google + badge to your site, and active Follow widget will show up next to your listing in search results.

Host Google plus Hangouts

You can have up to 10 participants active on video, and stream it live to unlimited viewers through YouTube. This will help you immeasurably with audience-building and engagement, and has the added bonus of being to keep the recordings on your YouTube channel to boost your video content.


Just like Twitter and Facebook, Google + works on a hashtag system to group search words, so finding related posts, following ongoing conversations, and joining trending topics. Using hashtags makes it easier to follow popular hashtag conversations across social platforms, and keep tabs on who’s talking about your organisation.

Empower your followers to act

People love having their ideas recognised, so turn your community into active participants by letting them shape your content.
Things like encouraging your community to add the best caption to a picture can be a brilliant engagement strategy. Choose an image relating to your organisation that is versatile and has a broad appeal, and let your followers have free rein. This strategy will help you identify the most active and vocal members in your community.

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