Grow your business through linkedin.

Grow your business through linkedin.

Five Tips on Growing Your Business Through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has hit over 300 million users, and it’s continuing to grow. Compared to other networks, LinkedIn is a social media channel for business professionals. It’s a place where people can network, find jobs, and even grow their business. If used correctly, you can generate online visibility through LinkedIn and website traffic.

LinkedIn company profiles

When you create a company profile, it’s great exposure where you could network with potential and current customers, vendors, and employees. On your profile page you can tell your company’s story and give the full background. You will also be able to highlight products and services on standalone pages, engage with followers, and even share career opportunities—all in a professional environment.

Linkedin social media network for business.
Connecting links - linkedin for business.

5 tips for growing your business through LinkedIn.

1. Share Interesting Content Regularly

There are a few important reasons why your company should post regularly on LinkedIn. The content you share will appear in LinkedIn Network Updates, and will be seen in the feeds of every person following you. The content will also be positioned at the top, reaching people who you are trying to reach. By sharing good information regularly, users will take notice of you and could develop your brand as a source of information in that industry.

2. Post Status Updates to a Targeted Audience

Perhaps you own an outdoor store, but only want to target an audience who are looking for camping gear, and not hiking boots. LinkedIn’s Targeted Post Statuses lets you share content that’s highly relevant to a specific audience increasing their engagement, like those who are looking for tents. You can hone in on your demographic, and anyone who meets your criteria will see it on their homepage.

3. Advertise.

A very simple, fast way to get exposure on LinkedIn is through advertisement. Although it’s a bit more costly versus other social networking sites the results are better, and can give you direct access to some very influential people. There is a wonderful targeting tool on LinkedIn that allows you to be very specific: title, company, or skills are just a few. Through advertising on LinkedIn, you could even reach exposure to people who are hard to reach, such as a CEO to certain companies.

4. Create a Showcase Page.

LinkedIn’s Showcase Pages highlight a particular product or service that you’re offering, and puts your content fresh and center. It’s a free extension page that can easily be found on your company page, through search, or on member’s update feed. All Showcase Pages have a “hero” image, which is an eye-catching banner, and a brief description area explaining the product or services. Showcase Pages are also really great for personalised targeting marketing. Make sure to share updates about the product, any useful information or content to help build awareness of the page.

5. Upgrade to a Silver or Gold Career Pages.

With LinkedIn being the world’s largest professional network, every day a potential employee could visit your company page. Grow your employment by upgrading to a silver or gold career page. Here you are given access to many features for promoting career opportunities, like a clickable banner and analytics to see who is viewing your page. You can also highlight what your company has to offer, tell the story of your brand, and show how great it is to work with your company by featuring two star employee testimonials.

Linkedin social media network for business.
Linkedin connections across the globe.
Linkedin social media network for business.

Linkedin for business

LinkedIn is a wonderful place to grow your business, whether it’s new customers, vendors, or employees. With LinkedIn you are bound to find the right people to network with and grow your business.