Harnessing Social Media

Harnessing Social Media

Who are you online?

Because more people doing online research about an organisation before engaging, having a vibrant social media presence is vital in today’s market. But which platform is best? The four main platforms in New Zealand are LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook, with most organisations have a blend of at least two social media profiles. All social media platforms are a goldmine when it comes to direct contact with your target demographic and raising your brand awareness, however each one her slightly different benefits.


This platform is the automatic choice for organisations looking to create a purely professionally-oriented social media presence and network with other organisations/possible employees. Differing from all other social media platforms in this regard, LinkedIn has a current user-base of 300 million.
Why LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is targeted more at creating business-to-business relationships, rather than focusing on the typical private consumer.
You can be recommended by other organisations and individuals, creating an online portfolio of your credibility
The Groups function is a fantastic way of making industry connections. While Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter also have groups they are more interest-based and may not provide you with connections that would lead to business opportunities.

Linkedin social media network.
Fitting the social marketing plan together.
Twitter social media for promoting your business


Perceived as a more refined social media platform than Facebook, Twitter’s user base is just over 645 million, with 19% of online adults using Twitter.
Why Twitter?
While the 140 character limit may feel daunting to some, it does force a more concise style of communication which is ideal for the modern reader.
The hashtag function makes it possible for your keywords to show up in searches quicker, and the hashtag collects all mentions of your keywords into a group so you can see what everyone is saying about your organisation.
Twitter’s reporting systems are easy to use and remarkably comprehensive, which is rare to find in a ready-made social media reporting tool. Facebook and LinkedIn both have their own metrics tools, and Google Plus is linked to Google Analytics, but these tools are quite complex, and If you’re an at-home or small business, these pre-packaged reporting tools are worth their weight in gold – so long as they’re not impossible to work with.

Google Plus

Google Plus seems to be the proverbial dark horse of the chosen social media platforms in New Zealand with over 540 million users worldwide.
Why Google Plus?
Because it’s part of the Google ecosystem, it ties in with programmes like Google Maps/Google Search and gets your business information out into the web and the Google system knows more about your business.
Also because of the Google ecosystem, your SEO will benefit vastly from using G+.
Because it’s connected to your gmail address, people that want to get in touch with you via the G+ Groups and Circles function are a lot easier to access.
G+’s Groups function is a lot easier to work with for certain organisations than Facebook’s. There are particular keywords that Facebook’s algorithms pick up on that will shut down your group’s page without question, while G+ seems to be moderately more tolerant.

Google+ social media network
Circles of google+ friends - social media connections.
The facebook like thumbs up.


Facebook is certainly one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. In March 2013 Facebook was displayed in 70 different languages over the world, the user base had grown to 1.11 billion people, and its main demographic is 18-54 year olds.
Why Facebook?
Because of its colossal user base it is possible to get a wide organic reach for your organisation with little effort.
Should you choose to “boost” your posts, the entry price is $6 NZ which is guaranteed to put your post in front of between 400 and 1,100 extra people for a duration of time that you choose, making single promotions affordable and extremely effective for small or at-home businesses.

The last word in harnessing social media.

While social media might be the new black in regard to branding and customer contact, make sure you choose your social media channels wisely, and create the best profile on the best platform for your organisation.