Christmas countdown – getting your site holiday ready

Christmas countdown – getting your site holiday ready

How to Find out if Your Ecommerce Site is Holiday Ready

Since more people are continuing to shop online during the holidays, your Ecommerce site needs to be ready to handle the busy shopping season. You will obviously want your site to be found during this time, and there are lots of things to do to prepare your site. Discover if your Ecommerce site is holiday ready or not.

Optimize Landing Pages and Copy to be Holiday Oriented.

What are your site’s most important landing pages? Besides your front page, you want to promote pages that get high traffic, and any products that would be considered great gifts.

Once you’ve decided on what landing pages you’re going to focus on, you want to optimize the copy to make them holiday oriented.

Pick 3 to 5 long tail keywords to use throughout the content:

These keywords are longer in length and more specific. They will also have a better chance of getting clicked on a search engine. For instance, if your site sells pet items, instead of your keywords being holiday gifts, try holiday gifts for pet lovers. This is not only longer, but is more specific to target the right audience.

Meta description tags:

This is the short description you will find on a search engine results page under a link. It gives a quick summary of what your page is about. Here you will want to add seasonal search phrases to entice users to click. This is your chance to get them in a gift-buying frame of mind by mentioning any promotions that you’re running. Just remember to make note of which Meta descriptions you change so you can go back after the holiday season to make it neutral again.

Create a Landing Page with Gift Ideas:

What better way to get users in the gift-buying mindset than creating a whole landing page full of gift ideas? Decide on any of your products that would make
great holiday gifts, and create a landing page for them. Be sure that it’s easily accessible on the front page.

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Is it User Friendly?

All websites should be user friendly, no matter what time of the year. You should never expect a user to have to work hard to navigate your website. It’s especially important, however, that users have a good experience on your Ecommerce site during the holiday season.

Check Out Page:

You’ve got the customer this far, and would hate for them to leave by making it difficult for finalizing the last step: purchasing the item. The main appeal to shopping online is the convenience of it all. Make your check out page as easy as possible. It should be one page that’s site secure, and gives a user multiple payment options. If there are too many steps, they will leave.

Page Load Time:

It is likely you will see an increased volume on your site during the holidays, and you want to make sure you have enough capacity to handle the large volume. Internet users are impatient, and a page that’s slow to load will only encourage people to leave. Each page should take less than two seconds to load.

Good Navigation Bar:

Another feature to make your Ecommerce site user friendly during this time is to have a clear and easy to use navigation bar. Make sure to put popular holiday products easily accessible on the front page.

Enhance the Buying Experience.

Since a majority of your online customers haven’t seen the products in person, you need to do everything you can to make it feel like they are in person buying it. Provide multiple images of the product and from different viewpoints. This will give a clear idea of your product. You must also be as thorough and accurate as possible in your product descriptions. For example, if the item is yellow, write that it’s yellow. Don’t use a creative name, like Egg Custard, to describe the color.

Create and Maintain a Blog.

If you haven’t already created a blog, it’d be a good idea to start one. You don’t want an inactive website, which is why it’s crucial to have fresh content because search engines and users love it. One way to always produce fresh content is by maintaining a blog. It’s a good way to promote products and promotions relevant to the holiday season. Plus you’ll be able to incorporate those long tail keywords so users can easily find you on the web.

Market through E-mail.

E-mails can be very effective and useful in generating sales. However, you don’t want them to come off as spam. It needs to be well written, and in a way that directly targets the user to make it feel personal. Through e-mail, you can market your landing pages tailored towards existing customers and to acquire new ones.


Ensuring your Ecommerce site is holiday ready during the busy period can feel overwhelming at first. But keeping these tips in mind will help you feel more confident and ready to take on the increased volume of customers.