If you blog it well, they will come – Increasing traffic.

If you blog it well, they will come – Increasing traffic.

If you blog it well, they will come: Social media as a driver to increase your SEO.

There’s no denying that social media is word of mouth on a grand scale, so using it to enhance your search engine optimisation is the next logical step for those new to online business.

Social media: Not just lolcats.

In 2010 the YouMoz Blog made a prediction: that Google’s search engine will start using social media, in particular social networks such as Twitter, as an influencer in their organic search results.1 They were right. In 2013 social media had become so integral to search engine optimisation that there was a marked difference in hits between organisations that had no social media presence, and those that did. Stephanie Frasco, VP of Convert with Content wrote down the 6 key reasons why social media was critical to search engine optimisation in an irrefutable post encouraging the use of social media to create a bigger audience for your organisation.

Likes, Shares, and Google Popularity searches

The accepted theory behind social media optimisation and its ties to search engine optimisation is that when a webpage is shared or “Liked” by a user on a social network platform, it counts as a “vote” for a webpage’s quality by the public. Search engines use the votes to properly rank websites in search engine results pages. The more of these “votes” the page gets, the more popular it seems, so the higher the rank in the search engine results and the closer to Google’s front page you become. This makes building the ideal social media profile is now vital for any business, large or small. Using platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. is the perfect chance to create an interactive online persona for your organisation that web users can interact with on a personal level and have a real time communication that may not be possible with a simple website. Your audience’s input becomes more conversational and less transactional, which encourages them to share your information on their social media networks, creating a larger readership and more “votes” for your webpage on Google’s organic search results.

Using social media to increase traffic to your website.
Increasing traffic, visitors and online sales.
Sale and marketing strategy for online business.
Moving marketing leads to good sales prospects and returning clients.
Writing great blogs posts to boost your website value and increase traffic.

REALSMO: The Seven-step guide to improving your Social Media Optimisation.

Joshua Berg, leading advocate of SMO promotes the seven-step model of REALSMO to create the perfect social media profile and use it to the advantage of your SEO:

  • Reputation – build your reputation as a reliable, qualified source.
  • Engagement – encourage more engagement, sharing and reciprocate.
  • Authority – Become a notable authority in your field of expertise.
  • Leadership – harness originality and creativity.
  • Social – Be social. Find and engage sociable experts in your field.
  • Media – Know your social media platforms to maximise influence.
  • Optimisation – improve technical aspects to increase optimisation.

Taking these steps will help give your online presence the boost you want via your social media channels and rocket your website higher up the Google search engine hit list.

Increasing traffic.

The Seven-step guide to improving your Social Media Optimisation and increasing traffic with blogging and social media.