Does your Business need a Mobile App?

Does your Business need a Mobile App?

Business opportunities with mobile apps.

There is a new way customers are interacting with businesses—through a mobile app. Contrary to what some may believe, an app isn’t just a small website for a mobile device. It’s actually a program that runs on a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android. The difference between a mobile-friendly website and an app is that the latter should do something your website can’t do.

But does you need one? Many businesses have begun to realise that mobile apps are a powerful marketing tool. With a device that people have on them for nearly 24 hours a day, businesses are creating mobile apps to help grow and get the most out of their marketing budget.

Here are the five benefits to building an app for your business.

Mobile users rule

We already know that the amount of people who are using mobile devices are increasing every day—even more so than a traditional desktop. And what are smart phone users spending the majority of their time on? Mobile apps. Which is why businesses are going where their customers are: mobile devices.

Apps that have been downloaded and the revenue they have generated are in both in the billions. With numbers like that, mobile marketing is an influential medium, and businesses will always be in front of their customers.

Mobile web access and online trends.

Direct communication

A mobile app is a fast and effective way for existing customers to get in touch with businesses easily—no matter what time of day. Businesses can also get their marketing message out to their customers with push notifications. From discounts to appointment bookings to current events, your customers will always be in the know and you will always be in their minds.

The push notifications will instantly inform any customers by popping up on their device. In fact, users won’t even have to open the app to read your message making it easier than ever to communicate.

Boost brand

An app has the potential to boost your brand. People are always looking at their mobile device and with a mobile app, customers carry your business everywhere they go and with a click of a button can access you. Think of it as a mobile business card. Offering an app to your customers, your company’s icon could be on hundreds of peoples’ smart phones.

Build relationships

Your customers are your most important assets. Without them, you’d not be in business. As an owner, you know that it’s easier and cheaper to retain current customers than acquire new ones. A mobile app can keep your customer’s attention high and increase referrals. You could help stand out to prospects while at the same time stay connected with current customers.

Easy to use

An app that is user friendly offers features that make it easy to use so users don’t have to go on a website. There are a ton of different features that your business could offer. Realtors could have mortgage calculators; a restaurant owner could add their menu, while a hotel can share GPS directions.

A mobile app is an absolute must for any growing business. It should be on every marketing strategy, especially if you want a way to always be in your customers’ minds and on a device that they are constantly connected to. Don’t get left behind and try a mobile app for your business today.