Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobilegeddon: Will your website disappear if it’s not mobile friendly?

Last month Google rolled out its new SEO changes in which mobile search list preference is given to websites that are mobile friendly. So what does that mean for your website’s SEO scores? Will your website vanish off the face of the search engines?

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    Mobile phone and tablets for connecting online.
    The growth of mobile users and Mobilegeddon.
    How people are using the internet

    2014 saw the mobile device succeed the desktop computer as the chosen web access tool worldwide. Over the last few years mobile device technology has taken mobile internet into a new age of almost science-fiction like internet access with smartphones, tablets, and devices like Android Wear, Apple Watch, and Google Glass making it possible to stay connected on the move.

    Website benchmark received almost 50% of its web traffic from devices in the last year, and expects the number to rise.

    The growth of mobile users for mobile friendly sites.
    Google’s revised SEO algorithm

    Websites that don’t fit the description will be demoted in Google’s search results on smartphones and tablets while those meeting the criteria will be more likely to appear at the top of the rankings — a prized position that can translate into more visitors and money. Although Google’s new formula won’t affect searches on desktop and laptop computers, it will have a huge influence on how and where people spend their money, given that more people are relying on their smartphones to compare products in stores and look for restaurants. That’s why Google’s new rating system is being billed by some search experts as “Mobile-geddon.”

    Will this affect my business?

    Perhaps. Your business will be affected if you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following:

    1. Do your customers (or potential customers) even search or view your site on mobile devices?

    2. Are you actively seeking leads from your site, and if so how? Phone calls, form submissions, live chat?

    3. If you’re running an eCommerce site, does it makes sense for people to purchase on their mobile devices, or perhaps it’s a digital product (download) that they would make more sense for them to purchase from a laptop or desktop computer?

    Regardless of the above, if your site is not mobile responsive now, it definitely should be as soon as you have the budget for getting it done. Mobile Internet use has increased exponentially in the past few years and even more telling are the mobile marketing statistics and the trends show that it is not stopping anytime soon.

    What are the four mobile-friendly criteria that my website should meet?

    Fortunately, Google is kind enough to introduce and explain its main mobile-friendly criteria that any fully optimized website should meet. Websites eligible for the mobile-friendly label:

    1. Use text that can be read by Smartphone users without zooming

    2. Does not rely on software that is uncommon on Smartphone devices (such as Flash)

    3. Size their content to the screen (so that Smartphone users wouldn’t have to zoom or scroll horizontally)

    4. Display ideal link placement techniques (place links at a distance, enabling the Smartphone users to tap on the right one)

    Google has converted mobile usability into a relevant criterion for optimal search results. Furthermore, Google gives webmasters access to how-to guides and a Mobile usability report in Webmaster Tools.

    Making your website mobile friendly and surviving Mobilegeddon. Send castlenet an enquiry for a free assessment or try ou Google’s testing tool.