Outsourcing web development

Outsourcing web development

Outsourcing web development

Outsourcing your development to India or China can save you a lot of money, however there are some pitfalls and things to be aware of.

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making your outsourced development a success.

  • 1) Be prepared to spend more time overseeing the project.
  • 2) Be very clear on what you want, outsourced developer are not always good at thinking for themselves.
  • 3) Include pictures or templates with any documents.
  • 4) Get regular updates – so you can quickly correct things going in the wrong direction.
  • 5) Many countries have a culture of bargaining on price, so agree work, costs, payment schedules up front and avoid surprises.
  • 6) Use a “middleman” site like “freelancer”, which can mimimise possible problems.
  • 7) Look at developer rating, reviews and previous work to choose the right developer.


limit the amount of access you grant.
It sounds like common sense, but when dealing with Someone you haven’t met, living in another country you should be Cautious.
There are numerous accounts of websites being used for dubious activities without the owners knowledge.
A few simple safeguards

  • 1) If the devlopment is being done on your site, grant only the access the developer needs to complete their job.
  • 2) If work is being developed on another site – get install instructions and install yourself, once satisfied.
  • 3) Change any site, ftp, xpanel, mysql and admin passwords after development has finished.
  • 4) Check your site for suspicious files, ask the developer to explain and investigate yourself.