Using Pinterest for Marketing

Using Pinterest for Marketing

How to use Pinterest for Marketing.

Since Internet users prefer to consume online information through visuals, your business needs a marketing strategy that will incorporate images. One solution to capture an audience with short attention spans is through Pinterest. It’s a site that is image centric filled with an audience who already has the mindset to buy something. Here are three steps on how your business can use Pinterest for image-centric marketing.

Step 1: Optimise your Profile

After creating an account, the first step is to optimise your Pinterest profile.

Brand Recognition.

You must place an importance on your brand recognition. The main marketing goal is for your target market to think of you when they’re ready to purchase. A way for your brand to be recognised is to be consistent on all platforms. This means use the same logo, profile image, and name that you use on other social networking sites.

Profile Description.

You’ll also need to write an effective profile description, including who you are and what you do. But you only have 160 characters to write. Within the description maximise SEO by using business-related keywords. Adding keywords will not only help you be found on Pinterest, but also in a search engine’s results page.

Profile Image.

The image you choose will tell users what kind of content will be found on your Pinterest boards. It says a lot about the brand. If it’s possible try to use both your business name and image, especially if your brand name doesn’t exactly tell what services or products you offer.

Verify Website.

This is must-do for every business Pinterest page. Verifying your website on Pinterest will show creditability that you own it. Once your website is verified, you will receive a tick next to your account name. The other important reason why you want to do this is because you will gain access to analytics on Pinterest to show what boards and pins do well among users.

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Step 2: Attract Users with Visuals.

Your goal on Pinterest is to get customers to click on one of your pins and visit your website. To attract users on Pinterest you must pin high quality visuals to capture their attention.

Images with Text.

If you do a quick look on your Pinterest feed, images with text are very popular. Since not everyone is going to read your description about the pin, write the idea of your content over the image. If you’re a photographer who has recently posted an engagement photo shoot on your blog, you could use one of those photos and put text, Engagement Photo Ideas over the image. This makes it easy for the user to look at the image, get the message immediately, and decide if they want to click it.

Call-to-Action Image.

Encourage users to do something by pinning a call-to-action. If you’re a real-estate agent looking for local users who are looking to sell their house, a call-to-action example could be: “How much is my home worth? Find out for free!” This encourages users to click your pin, which will drive traffic to your site.

Videos on Pinterest.

Videos are just as effective as images on Pinterest. You could show your products and services in action. Do you own a wedding dress boutique? Instead of showing a picture of a wedding dress on a hanger, show a video of the dress on a bride. You could also include how-to-videos to teach people something about your products or customer testimonials about your business.

Step 3: Connect with Followers.

Like all social networking sites, you must connect with your followers. You can’t simply post content, remain dormant, and hope for re-pins. Besides posting great visual content, start building a community and connect with followers.

Find users to follow.

Don’t follow just anyone and everyone. Think about whom you’re trying to reach. If you find like-minded people on Pinterest through relevant business keywords, then they are more likely to reciprocate and follow you as well.

Like and Comment on Pins.

When you find followers, start interacting with them by liking and commenting on their pins. This will help get you noticed, and hopefully gain relationships over time.

Re-Pin Other Users Content.

The most important feature on Pinterest is the re-pin button. When a person re-pins something of yours, the content will then be seen to their followers, and if their followers like it and re-pin it, it’s going to be seen by a lot of people. But don’t wait for others to re-pin your content, re-pin their content first. This also gets you noticed by users and they should reciprocate by re-pinning some of your content.

Images are a universal language that’s understood by everyone, and many businesses are using image-centric marketing to promote their business for this reason. Pinterest is the perfect image-centric marketing solution for your business. After signing up, there are only three steps to make the most out of the social networking site: optimise your profile, attract users with captivating images, and connect with followers.