Promoting with Google+

Promoting with Google+

How to Promote your Business with Google+

Google+ is on its way to becoming the next powerful social media network, which is why you should create a page for your business now. It offers more than what the other social media networks can. If you’re looking for an inexpensive marketing strategy to reach out and gain enhanced exposure, create a Google+ page for your business.

Here are 5 ways you can promote your business with Google+ today.

Google+ SEO focus

You’re probably thinking to yourself: Another social network site I have to join? What makes this one any different than the others?

Google+ is different because it’s not solely a social media platform. With it being tied directly to Google, there are SEO benefits to using Google+. Unlike Facebook, anything that you publicly post on your page will automatically be crawled and indexed into Google.

With the use of business-related keywords in your posts, your website will have better organic search visibility and you could rank high on Google’s results page.

Google+ social network, connect with your circles.
Circles of google+ friends - social media connections.

Build Relationships with Like-Minded People

Like any other social media network, you want to build relationships with your customers. It’s important to be interactive and engage with users. You can’t simply post content to your stream, and hope for people to find you.

To build relationships, you must find people who you’d have a great connection with: people who would be interested in your business. Search for people in your dashboard by typing in any keywords that are around your niche. You can also look under the Explore tab to find people discussing any business-related keywords. These are the people you want to connect with. Once you find some prospects, start following them, and they should reciprocate.

Create Circles

Google+ is circle centric. This is also what makes it unique compared to the other social networks. Since you have started to follow people and are in the process of building relationships, you want to eventually deepen those relationships by taking advantage of Google+ Circles.

Circles are a way to organize people into different categories, such as friends, family, or customers. These are especially useful if you want to target and interact with a specific group of people. With Facebook and Twitter, you often put one message out there to everyone. With Google+ Circles, you can post different content to different Circles.

Like Twitter, anyone can follow you and if they add you to their Circle, they’re opting in to receive your content in their stream. Unless you add them to your Circle as well, they can only see your public profile.

Friend circles, connecting with google plus.
Adding interest when writing your blog posts.
Creative writing for website blog posts.

Post High Quality Content

You always want to write good content for the web, especially because Google+ has SEO benefits. Since you want to target a certain audience, post relevant things that would interest them. Make sure to write captivating headlines and copy to help get your posts noticed. This will encourage people to plus one your content. The more plus ones you have, the higher the rank.

And of course, use visuals. The great thing about using images is that you can reach anyone without there being a language barrier. Posting an attractive photo of a cupcake will be understood by everyone.

Another reason for posting good content is to get featured on the What’s Hot list. Similar to Twitter’s Trending, users can see what is popular on Google+. If you get plus ones and write great content, you could find your business on the What’s Hot list. This will give your content more visibility, which will lead to more followers.

Place a Follow Badge on Your Website

Placing a Google+ Follow Badge on your website is necessary. Since it’s tied in with Google, this makes it simple for a user to follow you. They won’t even need to give or type out their e-mail address. Assuming they have a Gmail account, they are already in Google’s system. Placing the Google+ Follow Badge will eliminate any further steps a user has to do to connect with you. People can opt in straight from your website.

Google+ social media, plus one.


Google+ is a growing social media network that has the potential to be an influential marketing tool. It can offer more than other social media sites with its SEO benefits and circle centric audience. By learning and implementing these five ways on how to promote your business on Google+, should help you rank well on Google.

Promoting with Google+

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