Do you need Responsive Web Design

Do you need Responsive Web Design

Web design for different devices

In a world where everyone is connected online through a variety of devices, how do we offer a great experience no matter how users view our site. Enter “Responsive Web Design”. From a small start in 2010, responsive web design has become a must have for all new websites.

What is Responsive Web Design?

A responsive web design creates web pages that will adjust to whatever size screen the site is being viewed on. The browser will adjust the content, images, screen size and orientation, making it easier use. This eliminates the huge overhead of multiple pages / websites as the one website will remain accessible on a desktop or mobile device.

Do you need Responsive Web Design?

In today’s world it would be difficult to find someone who does not have a mobile phone. In fact, the majority of us are inseparable from a smart phone or tablet. With smart phones and tablets becoming more sophisticated by the minute many people are opting to use them to make purchases rather than a standard desktop. However if your website or online store is difficult to navigate on a mobile device the customer will inevitably find another site that provides a more flexible user experience.

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Google and SEO

Not only does Google use Responsive Web Design, but it makes it easier for your website to be found when searched through Google. The problem with having a mobile site and a desktop site is there will be a different URL and different code for each site, forcing Google to sift through multiple versions of the same site, sometimes even penalising your rankings for duplicate content. With a responsive site there is one URL and one set of website code for all devices.

Keeping ahead of the game.

For your business to continue to grow the logical solution to website design is to accommodate the technology customers are using: in effect this means having a mobile site that is as good as or better than the desktop version. The bottom line is Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the most cost effective way to accomplish this. Although there is this risk of losing customers that may be using dated devices and no able to use the latest technology, it is a safe assumption that the majority of on-line shoppers will continue to update their devices. Providing a responsive experience can increase your customer base and place your business ahead of competitors by providing a user friendly website adaptable to whatever technology a potential customer may be using.