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Five Tools to Make SEO Easy for You

If you do a search on SEO tools, hundreds of results will show up. It almost seems overwhelming to figure out what would be best for your website. Are you searching for a tool to help improve your keyword results? Do you want to know what you competitor is optimizing on that you’re not? Are you looking for a tool that’s free and simple to use?

Using SEO tools can provide extra help and services to help rank your website on a search engine results page. This will able you to generate traffic. The more traffic to your site, the more likely you’ll succeed.

Find out five SEO tools that could help improve your website’s SEO.

Google’s Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools has plenty of benefits. It is especially great for crawling a site or page. If you’re new to SEO, you will see the term crawling quite often. What this is referring to is the process performed by a search engine to discover what websites are relevant to certain keywords.

A crawler tool can extract all of the data and information on a website. It’s good for finding a large amount of information in a short amount of time.

Within Webmaster Tools is helpful information that you can benefit from. There is Search Queries, which helps users understand what pages are already doing well and what could be improved. Using search queries gives you an idea on what to prioritize on your site.

Keyword Features is another tool that tells you what keywords are obtained from your site and how you can better target certain content. There’s also Crawl Errors, which can help address any issues to perform better in search engine results. Another advantage is the Fetch tool. Often times it can take a while to gain traffic to your site. However, using the fetch tool, this gets Google to send traffic to your site quicker.

If you want a free SEO tool that will highly benefit your domain, check out Google’s Webmaster Tools.


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WordPress SEO by Yoast

If you’re a WordPress user, then it’s recommended to download the plugin by Yoast.

Wordpress SEO using Yoast plugin.

WordPress SEO using Yoast plugin.

This tool claims to improve your site’s SEO on all aspects. It helps you write better quality content by having you choose a focus keyword. When you’re done writing your article, it analyzes your content to make sure you’ve used the focused keyword correctly. You will get immediate feedback to tell you what areas need to be fixed.

An important rule of SEO is to write a great meta description, title tags, and keywords. While traditional web development means you need to have a bit of HTML knowledge to create this meta data. For the new CMS style websites built in WordPress this is no longer true. The WordPress SEO plugin take the ease of use to a new level, identifying these meta fields clearly and giving feedback on the optimisation of these descriptions within the page design.

Another nice option is that it gives you a preview of what your content will look like in the search engine results page.

If you’re a WordPress user who is new to SEO and looking for a free plugin, definitely check out WordPress SEO by Yoast.



If you want a tool that would help you discover keywords and give an analysis of your competitors, SEMRush may be a tool for you.

With SEMRush, you can type in your competitor’s domain to find out what organic keywords that they’re ranking on. By learning what keywords are most profitable for them, you can start using them as well. One other option this tool provides is finding keywords or related words to see how successful they rank.

Semrush for search engine optimisation.

Semrush for search engine optimisation.

There are various prices and plan, anywhere from $69 to $500. But there is the choice to sign up for a free subscription, which will limit you access to certain features.

If you’re looking for a tool that will help develop an advertising strategy and determine the general direction of your business, SEMRush might be right for you.


Market Samurai

Market Samurai is another keyword generator.

The tool believes in Four Golden Rules. These are basically four different ways that Market Samurai uses to look for certain keywords. They are:

  • Relevant to what you’re searching for
  • How much traffic do the keywords get
  • Compare your competition
  • Commerciality. Finding which of those keywords will produce a profit
Samurai website SEO tools.

Samurai website SEO tools.

By following these rules, Market Samurai is good for coming up with article topics. You can collect data and find out how much traffic you’ll get before you even begin your project.

The cost of this tool is $149.

If you’re looking for a proper keyword research tool, want to determine what your competitors are doing, in a simple process, try out Market Samurai.



Another important aspect to good SEO is understanding backlinks. These are links from other websites that direct people to your website. The number of backlinks shows how popular or important a website is. It is crucial to have a good amount of backlinks, that are of high quality, because it gives your site more credit. Ultimately gaining more traffic.

Web design options and website templates.

Web design options and website templates.

A tool that you could use for backlinks is called Ahrefs. It measures the significance and monitors the growth of your site’s backlinks.

The tool gives you pleasant graphs to look at to see the growth of your backlinks. You can even take advantage of the in-depth look of your domain by viewing day-by-day activity. You can see how many links were gained and lost with Ahrefs.

Ahrefs has a few plans and pricing. There is a free option that gives you 10 backlinks to check, which is nice if you’re small and starting up. But there’s also the option to check up to 30,000 backlinks for $499.


SEO Tools

Don’t let the idea of SEO scare you away. Use any of these five tools to help with your website’s visibility, find out what your competitors are doing, and get your domain ranked on the front page of Google.