Social Media Hubs – what the heck are they ?

Social Media Hubs – what the heck are they ?

Social Media Hubs: What are they, and why you want them.

With the plethora of social media channels in operation, it’s becoming more and more practical to consolidate all of your social media channels into one aggregated site branded to your organisation, pulling feeds from a single post, or all of your organisation’s blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Here’s an example of the Cisco Social Media Hub where you can see activity from their social media channels, as well as their blog feeds. Everything’s in one tidy page that’s easy to maintain, and visitors can filter their reading choices down to a small selection. Visitors can re-post via their own channels, as well as reply to postings.

Social media hub example
Social media hubs.

The benefits of social media hubs

If your organisation is making good use of the social networks in their own right, (not just publishing the same content to each of channel via an app like Hootsuite), then social hubs are actually useful if a follower is genuinely interested in that brand. Social media hubs give you instant access to the most recent activity, it also makes it easy to follow / like / join each of the networks directly from that page. Bringing your channels together in a hub has a bigger impact and motivates your audience to converse across platforms—carrying your message to an even wider audience.

What social media hubs give you.
  • An easy way to view all social activity within your organisation’s brand
  • A method to join multiple social media channels from one place
  • Integration between own-brand communities and external activity
  • Increased engagement. By aggregating and showcasing social media content, a
  • social media hubs can create more opportunities for a customer to interact with a brand,
  • whether it be through a retweet, or a shared Facebook post.
  • Increased sales. The cumulative effect of the above is to increase conversions and
  • improve brand performance when it comes to sales.
  • Insight that allows you to discover and highlight your brand ambassadors, product
  • popularity, and brand growth per channel
Online connections and social media hubs.
Worldwide communication using social media networks.
Online connections and social media hubs.
Connecting people with social media and boosting your website marketing.

Putting it together

Combining content across your social media channels into one solid brand story creates cohesion and strengthens your image, as well as goes towards creating content with more transparency, which leads to further trust in your brand. You can also integrate your feeds with events, for example having a live twitter or Facebook feed shown at a conference, as has been done at NetHui. The increased visibility of conversations happening in real time will encourage people to use interact with each other and the speakers via your social media networks, further increasing your visibility in their feeds.

Growing social participation is motivating many companies to aggregate content produced and curated by the brand’s own employees. This is a compelling opportunity to harvest the brand’s own collective wisdom. A single destination for curated social content fuels a brand publisher model that supports brand storytelling, content marketing, PR and even SEO objectives. Additionally, curated and aggregated customer interactions with the brand on the social web can surface advocates and provide customers with a view of how the company is referenced on social networks. Third party endorsements, observations and interactions are the most powerful, so why not curate them into a social hub for the world to see?