Social media trends 2015

Social media trends 2015

Social Media Trends to Look for in 2015.

2015 is fast approaching, and your business needs to be ready for any upcoming social media trends. Being prepared will help you plan your company’s social media marketing strategy and put you ahead of your competition. Find out what social media trends you’ll want to look for in 2015 to gain better online brand awareness.

Think mobile-first.

We already know that users are spending more time on their mobile devices, and it’s only going to continue to increase in 2015. If you’re not already doing so, businesses will want to integrate mobile advertising in their social media marketing strategy. That means you’ll want your website to be 100 percent responsive. The content you post on social media must work well on any browser width.

Trends for 2015.
Mobile web access and online trends.

Video advertising.

Videos have become an important part of social media advertising. Earlier in May, Facebook announced the launch of auto-play ads. The ads, which are muted, automatically play. This is to entice users who are scrolling through their newsfeed to click and watch the entire video with sound.

Other social media networks are catching on as well, including Tumblr and Instagram, which have both started promoting auto-play video advertisements.

Content will still be king.

It’s true that content will still be king as long as you’re smart about it. The content you post on social media is key in gaining online exposure. Your focus should be to stay relevant and useful, making you look like an expert in your industry.

You don’t need to limit yourself to one type of content. Be sure to experiment, including infographics, which are gaining popularity, as they are aesthetic and easy to digest information. As long as the content you post is interesting and valuable, it’s sure to make a lasting impression and increase the likelihood of shares.

Content is king, good quality content is the number one factor for success.
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Be more personal

2015 is about targeting the right person the right message at the right moment. People are happier and more likely to click something that’s relevant to them. Users are getting tired of the corporate-tone. Instead, businesses should focus on a more personal, human interaction.

Starting a conversation will create an authentic online relationship, and that will become more important in building loyal customers in 2015. An effective approach is to focus on your target audience, and really dig deep to find what interests them. The more relevant, the more success you will have.

Sponsored posts are on the rise.

The popularity of social media makes it the place to be for achieving brand awareness on social media. However, organic reach is declining and that means you will need to start implementing sponsored posts to gain exposure. But remember to promote the right content to the right person by using the targeting tools social media offer to hone in on your audience.

Facebook launches Rooms.

At the end of October, Facebook launched a brand new chat app called Rooms. The app resembles chat rooms back in the days of AOL. Users create rooms around the topic of their choice, whether it’s pug lovers or city gardens, and a room will be created around that topic. Within the rooms, users will discuss the topic and share photos and videos.

Facebook room application.

Similar to other mobile chat apps, users will remain anonymous. Though created by Facebook, it’s a standalone app that users won’t have to sign in with their Facebook account. Instead, they will be able to pick an anonymous name for each room they join.

Unlike the other anonymous chat apps, the rooms have an invite-only feature. If users want to be invited, they will need the unique QR code to join the room. This gives the creator the option to make the room as private or public as they want.

The app is currently only available to those with iOS mobile devices, but should become available to Android users early next year.

Your business is sure to generate brand awareness on social media, but you must incorporate these trends in your 2015 marketing strategy.