Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management

A customer relationship management (CRM) is a vital component to running a successful business. Your customers are the most valuable assets for your business. But how do you continue to keep giving great service as your numbers grow? By enabling a CRM system.

Read what a CRM system does, learn its benefits, and find out which two systems we recommend for you.

Customer Relationship Management software.

What will a CRM do for my business?

Businesses that enable a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system have an increase in sales, provide better customer service, and improve team communication. Some features include setting appointments, analysing marketing campaigns, and handling customer support queries. A CRM system uses analytics and reports to measure your company’s success and find out where you can improve.

The benefits of a good Customer Relationship Management system.

Keeping happy customers in your business.

Easily manage your prospects and customers

A CRM is a business strategy that will help you manage the relationships with your customers. There will be better internal communication between the different departments because all of your customers’ information will be stored in one place. Your team will stay on track of who the customer is by viewing notes to better serve them by having knowledge of previous history.

Never forget a task again

A CRM system can be synced with your calendar. Set reminders of important tasks or appointments and nothing will ever be forgotten.

Be informed about your employees work progress.

You can also see metrics of your employees work with a CRM system. Follow their progress and you’ll know what’s been completed and by who.

Create better marketing campaigns.

You can improve planning by looking at your customer’s purchasing history. Compare campaigns and actual sales to create stronger marketing strategies.

Successful shopping strategies for online marketing.
Web application integration with your website.

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We have selected two CRM choices to help you achieve your company’s goals.

Vtiger customer relationship management software.


This CRM software allows you to manage your business leads, contacts, and accounts. Vtiger has the tools that help companies increase their sales, improve marketing, and provide better customer service overall. You can store a customer’s information and add notes, both of which can quickly be found in the system. This ensures that your employees know who they are talking to and what to say.

Highlighted features:

  • E-mail marketing allows you to create and send bulk e-mail campaigns and track the results, including how many people opened and unsubscribed
  • Project Management helps organise projects and keep track of the progress
  • Customer Portal lets your customers communicate with you by creating support tickets
  • Calendar and Task Management lets you manage and maintain any scheduled tasks or events
  • Reporting gives you data to get an overview of customer activities and learn how you can improve
  • Integrate outside extensions, like Microsoft Outlook or PayPal
Vtiger customer relationship management software.


This is a plugin integrated specifically for WordPress sites. Since there are already some management tools on WordPress, WP-CRM expands on them by giving businesses a simple, straightforward Customer Relationship Management system.

Wordpress CRM

Highlighted features:

  • Organise users by filtering and editing a customer’s information
  • Add news users with ease
  • View data charts
  • Be up-to-date on a customer’s activity with note tracking
  • Give users a face to their name with avatar images

A CRM is more than just software. It’s a key tool used to market, organise your customers’ information, and ensuring your customer’s needs are met all in one place. Contact us and we can help you set up a CRM system today.