Ticket Support and Help desk Software.

Have you ever found a client’s support query in the junk-mail folder? Only to realise it was sent to you months ago? Giving excellent customer service is a must, and can be the thing that sets you apart from your competitors. When assisting your customers, it should be done in a quick and professional manner, not sent to the spam folder. If your business is still using a support e-mail address, learn how a ticket support plugin is better for you.

What’s a ticket support application?

Also known as help desk, it is a platform that allows businesses to resolve a customer’s problems all in one place. Inquires are placed in an easy-to-track and organised manner that helps you respond fast to customers.

The Benefits

  • With a support ticket plugin:
  • Everything will be streamlined
  • No more support e-mails getting lost in the junk mail folder
  • Communication will happen seamlessly
  • Saves you time by placing more importance on problems that need to be solved immediately
Help desk applications and ticket support software.

How does it work?

Customers will go to your support page on your website to fill a form out with their information along with the issue. This is where they will be able to select what particular department should receive it. Once sent, you will immediately receive a notification of a ticket that needs to be resolved. The whole process is visable to support staff and customers, with access controlled by roles. Work flows, alert screens and reports make control easy.

Web application integration with your website.

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Ticket support plugin options for WordPress

There are many plugins that offer ticket support, but we have selected five plugins that would work best on your WordPress website.

Zendesk for WordPress

Zendesk for WordPress is an easy installation, full-featured plugin that will help your business give better customer service. The plugin allows you to turn a customer’s blog comment into a ticket that would then be moved to your support queue on your WordPress dashboard, where you manage support tickets. Zendesk sends alerts to you when you receive notifications in your support queue. This makes it easy to respond to any users’ comments fast.

Zendesk ticket system.
Support ticket software for wordpress.

WPSC Support Tickets

This is an open-source help desk plugin that can be modified. Customers can create and reply to support tickets through your website. Admins have the ability to reply, close, and delete any tickets. The app uses a front-end support ticket interface developed in jQuery with the use of Ajax ticket loading. You can also customise departments, e-mail messages, and CSS.

WordPress Advanced Ticket System (WATS)

Like the other two plugins, this is a plugin that gives users the opportunity to submit support tickets. One different feature this plugin offers is the option of allowing customers to set the status, priority, product, and type that are preset by the admins. This helps eliminate any tickets being sent to the wrong department.

WATS support ticket software for wordpress.
Rhino helpdesk software for wordpress.

Rhino Support for WordPress

Another help desk plugin that integrates well into WordPress websites is Rhino Support. It has various support options, including a ticket form that can be set up on any post or page, which makes it simple for customers to submit new tickets. You can also create different customer experiences in case you need to display different support options for different users.

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

This is a complete ticket system that is responsive, and works well with any theme or devices. The Ajax function allows for ticket filtering. Some key features include e-mail notifications, adds the option for different social channels, like Skype chat and Facebook login, and it’s translation ready.

Responsive ticket helpdesk software for wordpress.