Building websites you can control

Self management websites to put you firmly in control. Castlenet build websites that are easy to update. Add content, pictures, blog posts when you want to, no need to hire a web developer to change you website anymore.
We are happy to provide training and help so that once your website is built you can manage all your web pages and online content completely on your own.
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What’s a Content Management System?

A content management system, often referred as CMS, is a simplified tool for managing and publishing website content. Gone are the days of Static HTML pages when it took a person with the expertise a lot of time to maintain. CMS on the other hand allows the less technologically inclined users to create and publish online content without having to know how to build and program a website. It gives businesses, either small or large, powerful means to create their very own website. Using CMS will also save you the time and money.

Using the best Content Management System

There are hundreds of content management systems out there. At Castlenet, we love WordPress for its ease and convenience. It’s why we recommend it for our clients. Using WordPress is so simple that even a technophobe could use it with ease.

Through WordPress you can write, edit, and format web content just like you would in a word processor. It is a “what you see, is what you get” editing, and is an easy solution for users who aren’t confident with HTML.

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Take control

WordPress allows small businesses to take control of their site and make small to medium changes without a professional’s help, which saves you time and money. If you’re still not confident in using WordPress, we will even provide training for you.

The WordPress Content Management System

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS, and for good reasons as well. It has a lightweight script, which means it runs and loads your website fast. You won’t ever need to worry if users are impatient on your website. It’s also a market leader in CMS. Even big companies are using WordPress as their CMS, which proves that it can even handle a large number of visitors.

You can also add plugins on WordPress. Think of these as applications for your website. They are additional features you add to your website, often for free, and you don’t need to have any technology background. You simply upload them through WordPress, making it ideal for beginners. Whatever type of feature you could think of, there is likely a plugin for that.

Expand your possibilities with plugins

  • Twitter and facebook, flickr and other social media addons
  • SEO tools from Yoast to help you maximise your website for SEO.
  • Add Link to Facebook automatically publishes your content to the social media site.
  • Automatic comment filtering Akismet checks and blocks any potential SPAM comments.
  • Special video and pictures displays and portfolios.
  • Plus many many more

There are plenty of benefits to using a content management system. You won’t need a person who is comfortable editing code to maintain your website. You can take matters into your own hands, and it gives you the ease and convenience to publish content when you want without delay.

Make the move to a CMS website

It would be valuable for you to move to CMS. Contact us today so Castlenet can help you make the transition to building a powerful and professional website with WordPress.

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