New Zealand Search engine optimisation.

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Search engine optimisation for New Zealand websites.
Search engine optimisation for websites around the world.
New Zealand search engine optimisation.
Elements of search engine optimisation design.

A new approach to SEO

As search engines continue to envolve their algorithms it’s very clear the old methods of creating pages stuffed with keywords and gettig worthless links from diectories is over.

The most important thing to grasp is that “content is king”, while it’s still important to focus on subject matter keywords, the content must be primarily created for the user not the search engine. The reaction of the user by frequency, duration, return visits, bounce rate, number of pages etc will grow in importance to the search engines as a measure of how “good” your site is.

SEO as part of the build

As we develop a new web site, Search engine optimisation is part of the creation process and we use tools that will rate your pages continually.

Search engine optimisation in website design.

SEO Analysis Report

Keyword Research

Find the most well used and and profitable keywords that potential customers are using to search for your product or service online. This is the first step and the foundation to creating a powerful online revenue generating strategy for your business.

On Page Analysis

Castlenet will perform a comprehensive search-engine-optimisation audit and on page analysis of your business website. This helps to maximise your sites visibility and performance within the search engines.

Competitor Analysis

We can reverse engineer your top competitors websites to uncover their targeted keywords, link building and conversion strategies. This provides the inside knowledge needed to compete and outrank them.

Results Reporting

We report on metrics and result analysis in order to continually increase your search engine optimisation campaign for maximum results.

External SEO

Advice on social media, google local business profiles and link building strategies given to provide an overall strategy.