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Getting a website is easy, however, keeping it maintained and running smoothly requires regular attention.

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How secure is your website? If you don’t secure your website you are not only risking your website, but you are driving away potential customers and lowering their trust in your business.

Without a secure connection only 20% of visitors will continue looking at your website, and less than half that number will considering making payments through your website.

Security Checklist

  • Updated CMS software running
  • Updated plugins
  • SSL certificate in place
  • Website running HTTPS
  • Secure hosting
  • User access controls
  • Monitoring in place


Why spend time on editing your website, when you can be concentrating on bringing in more business or improving efficiency.

Whether you need simple text and image changes or more complex layout and design changes – we can help.


What would losing your website mean to you or your business?

When your website is updated through editing or updates you need a way to recover when things go wrong. We can store backups copies online and offline to keep you safe.

Daily backups can be vital for all sites, especially ecommerce or booking sites, so that you don’t loose ant customer interactions.

It’s a good idea to keep some longer term backups, malicious or other damage may go unnoticed for some time. So if your website is hacked or taken over you can get back to a clean version.


For security, compatibility and smooth running of your website, it’s essential to keep your software and plugins up to date.

Castlenet can help create a maintenance cycle that is perfect for your business and your budget.


We can provide as much or as little support as your require and are happy to provide a helpdesk service for advice and support, or complete customer care.

Pro active support and monitoring

It’s not always possible to check your website every hour or even every day, so we can put monitoring services in place to alert us the minute a problem is detected.

Adding new features and upgrading the website

Your website should grow with your organisation, so adding new features and functionality to support ideas and new services is a must.

We can provide you with competitive quotes for website changes and improvements.

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