Website Support

Our support staff can look after all your maintenance needs whether it’s a small update or a major change to your website. Castlenet are able to ensure your site stays up to date with the ever-changing web components, operates smoothly, and remains as cutting edge as when your website was launched.

Broken links and out-of-date plugins can lead to security loopholes and decrease the value and visibility of your site. A maintenance program will facilitate regularly tune-ups and refresh of the components that make up your website. Keep up to date with SEO improvements and user experience enhancements.

Maintenance of WordPress installation

With a Castlenet support contract we take care of all the WordPress updates, maintaining your theme and plug-ins.

Regular backups

It’s important that your site is regularly backed up. Database and content backups ensure whatever happens you are covered.

Website support and software maintenance.
Web design elements for website creation.

Prices for website support and adhoc changes.

Adhoc Development
$75per hour
  • Adhoc changes
Maintenance Support
$45per month
  • Wordpress updates
  • Theme updates
  • Plugin changes
Backup Protection
$20per month
  • Regular backups
  • Offsite storage
Website building and web design.

Content and design changes

All our website developments are self managed sites, however if you prefer, Castlenet is happy to create new pages, add pictures and content for you.

The look and feel of your site can be changed at any time, the content management software records all the text, pictures, preferrences separately from the layout. So a new template, menu, colour scheme can be added with minimal effort and cost.

Let us take care of all your website support and maintenance needs. From backups to upgrades Castlenet can provide you with complete piece of mind.