Being upfront with your website prices

Being upfront with your website prices

Pricing on your website, your marketing strategy

Imagine yourself going to a supermarket, but there were no prices on any of the items. You’d be pretty frustrated as a customer. There seems to be an ongoing debate among business owners whether you should disclose this information or not. No matter what market you are in, placing prices on your website is no different than putting prices on items in a brick and mortar store.

Here are 5 reasons why you should put prices on your website.

Nothing to hide.

If what you sell comes as a set price, there is no reason to hide your prices. Customers want to know how much something is, and you should be stating your prices. If people don’t see a price on your website, they could think that you’re either hiding something or you’re too expensive. If you’re afraid that your pricing is going to scare away customers, will this change when you are further down the line and have spent precious time on trying to make a sale, if the answer is no then you need to think about your tactics or maybe your pricing.

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Your customers.

Most people will appreciate finding the information they’re looking for quickly. People don’t want to have to e-mail or call someone to find out your pricing plan. They want to be able to go to your website to find out the information quickly and make their decision. Make it convenient for your customers, and provide the prices.

If you don’t provide a price, a customer will take their business elsewhere. You don’t want to have interested prospects go in with high hopes of using your services to find out that it exceeds their budget. A customer will, however, contact you if they’re confident that your product and services are in their budget and can afford it.

Showing prices on your website will attract the perfect customer for you. People will contact you because they are certain that they can afford you. You will weed out any clients who can’t afford your services.

It can waste your time if someone calls you to enquire about pricing, but realize they can’t afford you. Many business owners who don’t reveal prices believe if they can get price enquiries from prospects, they can close the deal. This may be true, especially if you have great sales skills. However, you’re a business owner, and you don’t always have the time to discuss product and service pricing. Putting the prices on your website will cut down on unnecessary phone calls and e-mails.

The final word.

Whether you’re a photographer or graphic designer, you should always put the prices of your products and services on your website. Not only will you weed out people who can’t afford you, you will obtain the perfect customer. You will get higher quality phone and e-mail enquiries that is guaranteed to end in a sale.

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